It’s true, this winter has been very cold, difficult to deal with, but the season has its own beauty, and its own deep purpose.


Purpose Winter


Stillness of the woods is comprehensive

river long distracted from her flow

frozen current, time’s abandoned moment

we hear the crackling of her dwindled fire.


Even if we all prefer the spring

winter takes her placid time in leaving

she has her job, to her it’s far from grim:

she’s calming the abundant fields.


Without her, spring’s green feet would overdrive us

exhausted oaks would tumble in profusion

hearts of burrow denizens would falter

great herds would die from overmuch delight.


Winter steals the land back to its bedrock

chills the untamed rambling of our minds

she understands the need of rest and darkness

for deep work we must do to later thrive.