I believe in poetry that speaks to everyday people, to all of us.  I want to read poems that touch my heart, make me laugh, inspire me.  I’m not interested in poetry that’s needlessly opaque, hyperintellectual, or negative. Our culture seems to have relegated poetry to obscure journals that few read. Our public events feature good music, rarely fine poetry.

But we all have favorite poems, perhaps poems we’ve loved from childhood.  The beauty of good poetry it is that it can move us to tears or liberating laughter in an instant, in a single line or even a few words. Not many art forms can touch us so quickly and so deeply.

Poetry has been called the language of the heart. I think that’s true. I’d like to share my poetry with you, in the hope that you’ll find it appealing and maybe even inspirational. I hope some of it touches you the way it has touched me in the writing of it.

You can read some of my poems on this website. If you’d like to hear more, please check the Upcoming Events section to find out where I’ll be reading my poetry in person. And you can always reach me, to correspond about poetry, or to book me for a reading, at:  andrle.1@osu.edu. Thanks for visiting my website!

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