With the advent of September, autumn begins its sweep into Columbus. It’s with us today, more than just a hint of it. The earlier- setting sun, the coolness of days and evenings. Here’s a poetic tribute to this welcome season.

     Autumn Hymn      


Autumn like a cathedral

of trees and sunlight in trees

dogs far barking,

the edge of cooling silence.   

Autumn lovely in dying                   

the deep sky bearing up the hawk                         

crisp fallen leaves mark footsteps,

the ghost of summer moaning in the hedge.

Autumn of golden slanting light

season of whispering cattails

a dry wind from the Hebrides

carries us away into slumber.

Autumn beyond all containment

wild in the night of the half-moon

visiting our beds, lighting up dreams,     

dark witches blessing all endeavor.

Autumn crooning us to sleep                  

carrying us into darkness and silence,

as though it is our final season                    

he fingers our ivory bones.                               

Autumn forever, if we could command it,    

soaring out over a gray sea

whispering a sweet departure

dragging behind him pale winter’s grasp.