Summer Haiku

Warm summer — a very warm summer, so far– has arrived in Columbus. Gardens are flourishing, rivers are flowing free, afternoons are calm and lazy. Here are some small poems to match the season. first firefly flaring on the upswing true summer ___________________ gardening she falls away from herself ____________________ summer moves slowly summer passes

Spring Reluctant

Ok, it’s technically spring but here in Columbus we’ve had a number of chill days. Nevertheless, to welcome in spring, here are a number of haiku celebrating the season. it won’t be long before gardens are rich with blossoms. early spring she’s waiting for the bloom and scent of roses _______________ strolling ease of spring’s

Spring is Here!

A lovely, radiant spring moon graced our skies last week. This week, clouds rolled in, but the clear and enlivening moon will return. Here’s a poem celebrating our moon and all of our nurturing earth. Don’t let this moment pass unattended don’t let the spring moon march down the sky alone an owl is

A Quieting

Chill January, sometimes gray, sometimes sunny, could be an opportunity for us to pause, reflect, and experience the peace that is always deep within us. Here’s a poem that speaks to our capacity for calm and contentedness.                  Pause When we halt our inner converse                 the universe is still, like a bold mouse pausing, not

Winter Fun

I remember a time when I didn’t think that winter was a drag, an inconvenience. Sometimes I still feel that way as I look out my window at the quietly falling snow. I remember those childhood days, those winter adventures of my youth. Here is one of them:                           Winter Boys          It’s the full life

Many Thanks

I’ve posted this poem before, but here it is again. It seems so appropriate for the holiday, holy day season, and the new year upcoming. So many gifts to be thankful for in our rich and hopeful lives.                                      Winter Thanks          We are thankful today for the light fading in embers           for trees, frost-barren, that

Autumn Arrival

Autumn is indeed with us. Brisk, chill evenings. Summer’s heat departed. From the back of the closet, warm fall coats. And coming up: first furnace day. Here’s a poem honoring the arrival of this rich season.      Autumn Hymn                Autumn like a cathedral of trees and sunlight in trees dogs far barking, the edge

Summer Haiku

Hot summer here in Columbus. Early mornings and sundown evenings the best for pleasant walking. Here are some haiku about this lush, ornery season. summer moves slowly summer passes quickly what do you think? _____________________ he chanced upon the summer of his innocence ___________________ the clarity of blue summer awakenings ___________________ dog poop on my


It’s mid-spring in Columbus, a bit chilly at times, rainy, windy, then sunny and calm. The power of the earth is evident. It’s a power we respect, the beauty of which we cherish. It could be called dragon power.                   Seven Dragons          Seven dragons cross the sky          their breath is hot against the wind          seven

Spring’s on the way!

Here in Ohio, the first signs of spring. Clear blue sky days, warming temperatures, snow and ice departed. On clear nights, the ancient light of stars. And the moon that, like the moment, asks for our attention.                          Spring Moon          Don’t let this moment pass unattended          don’t let the spring moon march down the sky