Spring Ahead!

Daily savings time is coming up in less than two weeks and there are hints of spring in the air here in Central Ohio: sunny skies, warming temperatures. Here are haiku to welcome in spring. strolling ease of spring’s first day hand in caring hand ____________________ springtime carousel the melody of horses ____________________ we sleep

Winter Haiku

Winter has fully arrived here in Central Ohio with temperatures well below freezing. Time to shelter in or brave a bracing walk. Winter nights: chill and dark inspiration. Here are haiku to celebrate the season. a hint of light in winter’s dark compassion ____________________ winter thaw neighbor kids mud-puddling ___________________ sullen gloom or hush contemplative

Autumn haiku

Crisp, clear, colorful autumn has arrived. Trees here in Columbus are just beginning to bloom forth into full autumn dress. A wandering moon graces the night. Here are haiku to celebrate the season. her father’s old binoculars autumn stars ___________________ autumn afternoon he rides the silences ____________________ silence of the hayfield night autumn moon ____________________


The brand new year is underway, days are lengthening, some people are making resolutions, some say no way. Snowy winter is with us. There’s just a hint of spring in the air. Here are some haiku in celebration of our lives and time. rocking in the cradle of the moment ____________________ touching earth earth touching

Winter in the Wings

Winter has not officially arrived but here in Columbus air is chill, ice has occasionally formed, and we’ve had a dusting or two of snow. Here are haiku to mark and celebrate the season. sullen gloom or hush contemplative choosing your winter ________________________ serenity of winter darkness chapel of the stars ______________________ twilight rooftops snowfall

Autumn haiku

Autumn’s colorful foliage is peaking, disappearing. Warm, sunny days prevail here in Columbus. Gardens’ late blooms flourish or persist. The sun sets earlier and nights are deliciously crisp. A calm season leading us toward winter. autumn afternoon he rides the silences ____________ her father’s old binoculars autumn stars ____________ silence of the hayfield night full

Summer Haiku

Warm summer — a very warm summer, so far– has arrived in Columbus. Gardens are flourishing, rivers are flowing free, afternoons are calm and lazy. Here are some small poems to match the season. first firefly flaring on the upswing true summer ___________________ gardening she falls away from herself ____________________ summer moves slowly summer passes

Spring Reluctant

Ok, it’s technically spring but here in Columbus we’ve had a number of chill days. Nevertheless, to welcome in spring, here are a number of haiku celebrating the season. it won’t be long before gardens are rich with blossoms. early spring she’s waiting for the bloom and scent of roses _______________ strolling ease of spring’s

Spring is Here!

A lovely, radiant spring moon graced our skies last week. This week, clouds rolled in, but the clear and enlivening moon will return. Here’s a poem celebrating our moon and all of our nurturing earth.    Don’t let this moment pass unattended don’t let the spring moon march down the sky alone an owl is

A Quieting

Chill January, sometimes gray, sometimes sunny, could be an opportunity for us to pause, reflect, and experience the peace that is always deep within us. Here’s a poem that speaks to our capacity for calm and contentedness.                  Pause When we halt our inner converse                 the universe is still, like a bold mouse pausing, not