Full Winter

Here we are in the middle of an often gray and almost always chill winter. The season could be distressing until we take a moment to consider her purpose. Here’s a poem celebrating the calm of winter.                       Purpose Winter          Stillness of the woods is comprehensive          river long distracted from her flow          frozen current, time’s

Loving It

Perhaps we can take a break from COVID and election stress to take a look at the incredible world around us, in our very backyards, our streets, alleys, and countryside. So much to feel and to help us heal.                          Love Life          Here we ply the corridors of light            but we touch only penetrating darkness  

Autumn Haiku

Relaxed, warm, friendly autumn is with us here in Central Ohio. Pleasant afternoons, nicely chill nights great for sleeping soundly. Winter’s in the wings, soon to follow. Here’s a selection of autumn and winter haiku. his father’s old binoculars autumn stars ———————– silence of the hayfield night harvest moon ———————— autumn afternoon he rides the

Seasons Near

August’s heat is not abating here in Columbus, Ohio. More ninety degree days ahead. And I can’t say there’s even a hint of fall in the air. Well, maybe, on some cooler evenings. Here’s a poem about the nearing season. Autumn Hymn Autumn like a cathedral of trees and sunlight in trees dogs far barking,

A Remembrance

Remember those childhood summers, when you leaped astride your bicycle and explored your wondrous neighborhood? All that innocence all that joy. Here’s a poem reflecting that gladness.                           Bicycle Days       Give me a bicycle, grant me a meadow          I’ll take you to the secret heart of things          where the butterfly wings when

Spring Turns Summer

Thunderstorms, chill, heat, calm, the seasons are contending. We can all feel summer in the air, though it’s not officially with us. A time for power, the power of compassionate change.                Seven Dragons          Seven dragons cross the sky          their breath is hot against the wind          seven dragons, serpents all          calling out across the universe

Spring Slowly Arrives

Here in Ohio, chill, cloudy days are giving way to sunlight and warmth. Here’s a special invitation to the very next warm, rainy spring afternoon. An Invitation There’s a rain arriving from the mysterious west it will patter against the dog-faced mimosa leaves stream down along the asphalt shingles splash into your wide and upturned

Spring Haiku

Here, a small selection of spring and spring-like haiku. Upbeat, as a warming season invites us to our gardens and our greening parks. Always keeping in mind our six foot safe distance. springtime carousel the melody of horses ******* all-night rain circling moon cradled sleep ******** treetop cardinals call and response crimson liturgy ******* thundercloud

New Spring

Here we are, self-isolating from a virus, as spring begins in a mist of rain, gray, and chill. But soon the sun will appear, and the dreary days will be few. Even in this difficult time, we can enjoy each precious moment. This poem reminds us of our capacity for each-moment joy and gladness. If

New Year Winter

Winter is chill and gray here in Columbus, Ohio, where the sun can disappear for days. But the sun always breaks through again, and winter becomes light-struck. There is much to be thankful for, even in a dark season.                                     Winter Thanks          We are thankful today for the light fading in embers           for trees, frost-barren,