12 So What_ Here's What!

So what if you don’t appreciate conceptual art?

so what if  you find  poetry gibberish,

you to-do-list during the classical concert

and ballet leaves your body icy cold?


You’re crook-faced, your frame’s askew

you find no thrills in professional football

you were a B minus student

and most of the time you want to be alone.


Comparisons are fatal

yet you spend your wounded life making them,

overlooking your glorious achievement

your honorable, eccentric pastimes.


Why not blast through to the peaceful center

loll in your mouth the words you cherish

romp with the passing basset you adore

drag cranky felines back into your life.


We all act as chief critic of our days

so we spend our lives in miserable reflection

instead of  striking out among the dandelions,

following the flight of the blue heron.


Relax in the true comfort of  your spirit’s life

where you grow, and no one is accusing

put aside loss, gain, overweening emotion

surrender to what’s before you, in you, now.


That’s all there is, anyway, your beauty

your perfection shouts out to the whole universe

but your ears are stopped, you cannot hear

so you sink into the illusion of imperfection.


I hope you find the sun within you

I hope you turn your compassionate gaze upon yourself

I wish you happiness, fun, and, absolutely, pleasure

most of all peace, in the long light here and hereafter.