Perhaps we can take a break from COVID and election stress to take a look at the incredible world around us, in our very backyards, our streets, alleys, and countryside. So much to feel and to help us heal.

                         Love Life

         Here we ply the corridors of light  

         but we touch only penetrating darkness  

         while all around us the universal order

         crackles with new-born pleasure. 

         Summer trees sigh in glistening sun 

         carp thrash lusty in fertile waters

         toad smiles wisely in his calm leaf abode  

         every beagle and tom is on the prowl.

         The wind meanders down the alleyways

         hollyhocks shiver at her caressing       

         over all the hawk soars proudly

         and the grand scheme mouse quivers, alert.

         How can we turn away to sorrow

         when the Great Being has heaped our platter   

         we are willful, we lash our backs

         curl inward, mightily seal our eyes.    

         Thunder over the mountain, in the desert

         speaks with a voice we cannot fail to hear

         though syllables may be obscure

         the meaning of this sound is manifest:

         Remember to love life in darkness hours

         lean on faith and trust to find the light

         creation is everywhere gaily unfolding         

 this moment is your stunning invitation.