February’s leaving soon. We’ve had a few warm days here in Columbus, including a 70 degree anomaly. Spring’s on the way! I can feel it in my bones and in my spirit. She’ll soon arrive. Here’s a poem about spring expectation:


Spring’s Here, We’re Ready


We’re hoping so hard for carillon spring

dreamy out the window at the flyspeck snow

fidgeting over our tea and papers

we’ll rise up and overthrow our chairs.


Crash out onto the lawn, slip-sliding,

take a drag of the scentaway wind

throw away winter clothes, jump in the Plymouth

drive far away to the blue and orgone mountains.


Spring’s coming and we’re cleaning up everything

heaving open windows, though it’s far too chill

prancing around the dachshund, getting her all excited

we’ll go racing, tumbling down to the river’s mouth.


Don’t tell us we’ve got to hold off an hour

we’re wetting our pants for that first spring shower

we’re growling like thunder, snapping like lightning

in the faraway zoo, our brother lions roar.


It’s high voltage spring and we want sensual action

fish are leaping up to grab our meaty hooks

elder woman on the square has thrown open her veil

elder men are rising up out of the graveyards.


We won’t take a “no”, it’s not a springlike answer

a nationwide strike is the order of the hour

shut up schools and barricade the churches

we’ll learn, work and worship over the first burgeoning flower.