Widespread wildfires in the western United States, destructive hurricanes and droughts, rising seas worldwide. Is Mother Earth sending us a message about our neglect and abuse of the natural environment? Or is she gradually taking leave of us?


Mother of Us All


Mother of us all is leaving

her spirit flies above the waters

she is taken in the ice of winter

she is taken in the gray of twilight

there are no promises for her return.


When she was with us, we forgot her

she bade us come to silken forests

she brought us to the dens of beasts

but we were cold, and shut our eyes

now mother of us all is leaving.


She brought us nights, and stars, and darkness

gave us wings and tongues of gold

but we were silent, and we dared not speak.


She took us to the heights of mountains

showed us splendor in the valleys

the river softly flowing

the voices of the wind

but we were angry and regretful

and we turned our faces.


Mother of us all is leaving

taken in the death of winter

now lonely in the chill of firelight

we pray for her return.