Here in Ohio, chill, cloudy days are giving way to sunlight and warmth. Here’s a special invitation to the very next warm, rainy spring afternoon.

An Invitation

There’s a rain arriving from the mysterious west

it will patter against the dog-faced mimosa leaves

stream down along the asphalt shingles

splash into your wide and upturned mouth.

It’s the very same as the childhood rains

that happily soaked you as you ran barefoot

down the hissing sidewalks

to the muddy schoolyard

where seasoned earth caressed your feet

warm drops trickling down your original face

rivulets along the skin of you naked to the waist

and the morning passed without explanation.

Cardinals chirruped in the dripping maples

young squirrels cavorted in the loamy yards

crows called out their predictions from building tops

and the rain kept falling and you did not retreat.

That all-day shower is here again

inviting you back into the quieting alleys

nourishing the bold hollyhocks that delight you

awaiting only your upside smile, your carefree affirmation.