Winter Deep

Mid-winter is reasonably pleasant here in Central Ohio. Some sunny days, warmish, in the 40s and 50s. But mostly chill and gray. Little snow so far. Can we divine a purpose in winter? This poem suggests we can:                       Purpose Winter          Stillness of the woods is comprehensive          river long distracted from her flow          frozen current,

Haiku for Winter

We can’t hold it off any longer. Winter has arrived. No big storms yet, but snow and ice will come. What’s winter like for you? Harsh or contemplative? Here are some haiku for the season.   sullen gloom or hush contemplative choosing your winter   serenity of winter darkness chapel of the stars   in

Winter Thanks

Our first snow here in Columbus was predicted to arrive overnight, but it didn’t quite make it. Nevertheless, winter is on the way, and very soon. We can be thankful for that.   Winter Thanks   We are thankful today for the light fading in embers for trees, frost-barren, that will flower forth in spring

In Times of Darkness

Amidst the terrible events in our nation and worldwide, amidst the sad conflicts our own mind creates, we can pause to appreciate what life offers, right here, right now.   Love Life   Here we ply the corridors of light but we touch only penetrating darkness while all around us the universal order crackles with

Goodbye summer, hello autumn

You can begin to feel autumn in the air. It’s summer’s last gasp, temperatures here in the 90s, but the new season’s slanting light has begun to arrive. Here are haiku for the departing and arriving seasons.   summer moves slowly summer passes quickly what do you think?   the clarity of blue summer awakenings

Shattered Earth Rebels?

Widespread wildfires in the western United States, destructive hurricanes and droughts, rising seas worldwide. Is Mother Earth sending us a message about our neglect and abuse of the natural environment? Or is she gradually taking leave of us?   Mother of Us All   Mother of us all is leaving her spirit flies above the

Summer of My Childhood

OK, this is boys’ stuff, for sure. All the annoying pranks we played. We must have driven our parents and the neighborhood a bit crazy. But there was an innocence to it all, and I remember those childhood days fondly.   Rapscallion Summer   We piked dog crap on sticks chased each other, whooping, never

June Haiku

Spring is moving toward summer, with rising temperatures, super-humidity, and impressive thunderstorms. Here are haiku for the changing seasons and beyond.   new spring morning park wide-greening dog after dog after dog   huge bumblebee chasing you you think   leave me alone I’ll leave you alone spring hornets’ nest   relaxing in the bliss

The Book

Spring has arrived, and with it pleasant, airy days, cool, restful nights. So long in coming, so greatly appreciated. Here’s a love poem for this greening season:   The Book   Did I meet you in that little shop where the book of love is kept behind the counter? Impossible except our names are there

An Invitation

Early spring days in Columbus, sometimes cold and gray, sometimes sunny, bright, sharply chill. We await the season’s warm green arrival.   An  Invitation   There’s a rain arriving from the mysterious west it will patter against the dog-faced mimosa leaves stream down along the asphalt shingles splash into your pink and upturned mouth.