The Book

Spring has arrived, and with it pleasant, airy days, cool, restful nights. So long in coming, so greatly appreciated. Here’s a love poem for this greening season:   The Book   Did I meet you in that little shop where the book of love is kept behind the counter? Impossible except our names are there

An Invitation

Early spring days in Columbus, sometimes cold and gray, sometimes sunny, bright, sharply chill. We await the season’s warm green arrival.   An  Invitation   There’s a rain arriving from the mysterious west it will patter against the dog-faced mimosa leaves stream down along the asphalt shingles splash into your pink and upturned mouth.  

These Clear, Starry Nights

We’ve been experiencing sunny, though still chill, days here in Central Ohio. And nights clear, away from city lights, to look up at the stars. These dark night skies remind me of the delights and mysteries of my childhood stargazing. Could be this poem will remind us both of how we felt those starry evenings.

It Might As Well be Spring?

February’s leaving soon. We’ve had a few warm days here in Columbus, including a 70 degree anomaly. Spring’s on the way! I can feel it in my bones and in my spirit. She’ll soon arrive. Here’s a poem about spring expectation:   Spring’s Here, We’re Ready   We’re hoping so hard for carillon spring dreamy

Haiku for Winter

Well, not about winter, but perhaps refreshing to read in this cold, gray weather we’re having here in Central Ohio!   springtime carousel the melody of horses   her father’s old binoculars the autumn stars   everywhere I go mother sun brethren fields   desert night falling star fades into silence  

Purpose Winter

It’s true, this winter has been very cold, difficult to deal with, but the season has its own beauty, and its own deep purpose.   Purpose Winter   Stillness of the woods is comprehensive river long distracted from her flow frozen current, time’s abandoned moment we hear the crackling of her dwindled fire.   Even

So Long, Winterpal!

  OK, it may be a little early for this one. I celebrate winter, but the season can also be really trying. Hence:     So Long, Winter-pal   You’ve hung around too long, brother my skin is weary of your dry appraisal you cloud the light, you stunt the trees no relief from your

Winter Thanks

  We are thankful today for the light fading in embers for trees, frost-barren, that will flower forth in spring for the great black dog who romps friendly in the drifts for the pale pink sunlight that ends our tranquil day.   And surely we’re thankful for that bliss of the body quiet at the


Why did you choose to smile at the very moment the cat came crying for dinner and the couple across the street were hanging out Christmas lights on an early November afternoon and the woman laughed heartily, chokingly, at her slender husband’s cavorting, his homely cartwheels, and he said something rude and funny I couldn’t

A Poem for Autumn

  Autumn Hymn   Autumn like a cathedral of trees and sunlight in trees dogs far barking, the edge of cooling silence.   Autumn lovely in dying the deep sky bearing up the hawk crisp fallen leaves mark footsteps, the ghost of summer moaning in the hedge.   Autumn of golden slanting light season of