Autumn Arrives

With the advent of September, autumn begins its sweep into Columbus. It’s with us today, more than just a hint of it. The earlier- setting sun, the coolness of days and evenings. Here’s a poetic tribute to this welcome season.      Autumn Hymn                 Autumn like a cathedral of trees and sunlight in trees


Warm, heartful summer is with us, bringing memories of the enchanted seasons of our childhood. Bright mornings, endless, easeful afternoons, silent, star-graced nights. Here’s a poem about one such season.                            Eden Summer           Fragrant summer with her heart wide open          white cat drowsing beneath the oak          one eye open for the innocent bird

Deep into Spring

Pleasant, sunny days, rain and thunder evenings, altogether a remarkable spring here in Columbus. Here’s a poem from my “Love Life” collection that, for me, captures the power and joy of the season.                Seven Dragons          Seven dragons cross the sky          their breath is hot against the wind          seven dragons, serpents all          calling out across

An Invitation

Spring is well underway, and with it the twin delights of warm sun and easy-falling rain. In just a few weeks, balmy summer arrives. Here’s a poem about our seasonal and still-available childlike pleasures.                         An  Invitation There’s a rain arriving from the mysterious west                     it will patter against the dog-faced mimosa leaves stream


Spring is inching her way into Central Ohio. The air is warmer, the sun is shining more directly. New spring is just around the corner, and with it the arrival of our many insect friends. Here is my tribute to them, the less visible but essential members of our earth family. For the Smaller Sons

To My Brother

This poem is in tribute to my brother Armand, who lived a rich, full, and loving life, and who died recently at the age of 92. For a time, he lived on a small farm in rural Maine, the setting for this poem.            To My Brother on His Magic Farm          Honey light healing the

Winter Deep

Mid-winter is reasonably pleasant here in Central Ohio. Some sunny days, warmish, in the 40s and 50s. But mostly chill and gray. Little snow so far. Can we divine a purpose in winter? This poem suggests we can:                       Purpose Winter          Stillness of the woods is comprehensive          river long distracted from her flow          frozen current,

Haiku for Winter

We can’t hold it off any longer. Winter has arrived. No big storms yet, but snow and ice will come. What’s winter like for you? Harsh or contemplative? Here are some haiku for the season.   sullen gloom or hush contemplative choosing your winter   serenity of winter darkness chapel of the stars   in

Winter Thanks

Our first snow here in Columbus was predicted to arrive overnight, but it didn’t quite make it. Nevertheless, winter is on the way, and very soon. We can be thankful for that.   Winter Thanks   We are thankful today for the light fading in embers for trees, frost-barren, that will flower forth in spring

In Times of Darkness

Amidst the terrible events in our nation and worldwide, amidst the sad conflicts our own mind creates, we can pause to appreciate what life offers, right here, right now.   Love Life   Here we ply the corridors of light but we touch only penetrating darkness while all around us the universal order crackles with