Winter Thanks

  We are thankful today for the light fading in embers for trees, frost-barren, that will flower forth in spring for the great black dog who romps friendly in the drifts for the pale pink sunlight that ends our tranquil day.   And surely we’re thankful for that bliss of the body quiet at the


Why did you choose to smile at the very moment the cat came crying for dinner and the couple across the street were hanging out Christmas lights on an early November afternoon and the woman laughed heartily, chokingly, at her slender husband’s cavorting, his homely cartwheels, and he said something rude and funny I couldn’t

A Poem for Autumn

  Autumn Hymn   Autumn like a cathedral of trees and sunlight in trees dogs far barking, the edge of cooling silence.   Autumn lovely in dying the deep sky bearing up the hawk crisp fallen leaves mark footsteps, the ghost of summer moaning in the hedge.   Autumn of golden slanting light season of


Here in Columbus, August is blissfully temperate, and the evenings have a pleasant autumn chill. A release from summer’s heat and humidity. Here is a poem for all seasons, a dialogue about faith and doubt, certitude and loss.   You Always Have an Answer   When I say: I think God visited me in a

Happy Fourth!

Remember your childhood Fourth of July fireworks, the wonder and mystery of still night air and bursting flame? Wish I could re-live those enchanted moments …  And here’s my adult take: if you decide to attend a fireworks display, remember to wear hearing protection (ear plugs). Those explosions are loud and can cause permanent hearing

Summer Arrives!

I’m posting this on the first Sunday of summer, 2017. A bounteous day in Columbus, sunny, windy, and mild. Here’s a poem about some marvelous creatures, creatures of flame and healing power, symbols for all seasons.   Seven Dragons   Seven dragons cross the sky their breath is hot against the wind seven dragons, serpents

Happy Spring!

It’s a lovely spring day here in Columbus, as May makes way for the first day of June. This evening, I’ll look up at the sky and remember this poem: Spring Moon Don’t let his moment pass unattended don’t let the spring moon march down the sky alone an owl is calling from a far

Are You Seeking?

If you’re looking for a hero find him in the afternoon lazing under a river willow line dangling in the water offering a worm with no hook.   If you’re reaching for a destiny stretch no farther than your fingers clutching the worn yellow pencil snipping the scissors along paper pasting the colored picture on

Spring Approaching …

Today started out cloudy and cold, then the sun beamed out for a while, followed by a brief snowfall, then sun again. And later this week, temperatures may rise into the 60s. Spring’s on the way! As the new season draws near, here’s a poem celebrating very small but significant lives.   For the Smaller

And more haiku …

I’ve been writing almost nothing but haiku for more than six months now. I really like the form. Can’t explain exactly why, but do I need to? Here are a few more. Enjoy!   winter marsh the memory of blackbirds   too hot, too cold too damp, too dry the seasons humanized   alligator swamp