A lovely, radiant spring moon graced our skies last week. This week, clouds rolled in, but the clear and enlivening moon will return. Here’s a poem celebrating our moon and all of our nurturing earth.


Don’t let this moment pass unattended

don’t let the spring moon march down the sky alone

an owl is calling from a far oak branch

she is calling you.

Don’t let the river journey unaccompanied

put aside your thoughts, let your mind ripple like the river

the sun will be waking, he will require your presence

for his long high arc in tribute to the earth.

Don’t let the lark take wing without your witness

she will fall if you, godlike, avert your eyes

she will never sing again if you are unwilling to listen.

Don’t let any single moment lose your attention

if you turn away all creation will fail

and when you return you will wonder why you,

like the falling spring moon, are completely alone.